Our Green Legacy


With a green legacy five decades in the making, since its incorporation Malaysian Mosaics had already embraced an eco-compatible business philosophy.


Back in 1964, being newly established in a small town called Kluang where there was hardly any water infrastructure for the community, we had to find a cost-effective way to acquire and maintain a steady supply of water. With some innovative modifications to our extensive factory roofing, we began collecting rainwater for use in our production processes. This idea, now known as rainwater harvesting, was a novel and natural solution to our water woes. Zero water waste is now part of our culture across all our factories even up till today. From water conservation, it became natural to establish eco-compatible and sustainable policies which expanded organically across our operations and products.


Waste and rejected materials along the production processes are recovered to be recycled as part of a Zero Waste Policy in our processes and materials.

  • We recycle kiln heat and continuously improve our burners and heat reticulation system in our efforts to conserve energy utilisation.
  • Fossil fuel powered forklifts and lighting requirements are reduced through our smart ASRS warehousing system.
  • Our dedusting vacuum system reduces airborne dust particles, which are collated and recycled.
  • We reuse our wooden pallets and encourage our customers to return it to us for reuse.
  • Our products use only unbleached recycled and recyclable paper cartons for packaging.