Tasteful Trends in Luxury Tiles
17 April 2018
Latest trends in the global tile industry reveal that the move towards “green” and seamless interior designs dominate, with versatile and customisable tile designs being the hallmark of luxury tile brands
Sustainability has become a huge concern of the building industry for a while now, with the demand for eco-friendly building material becoming more commonplace. With growing interest in environmentally-friendly and zero carbon developments, the need for eco-tiling solutions have taken centre stage in the green conversation.
When it comes to the latest design trends, it appears that size does matter. Globally, consumers are starting to move towards seamless floor-to-wall looks, and the shift towards bigger and thinner tiles allow consumers to achieve them.
Understanding these market shifts and the changing needs of consumers has enabled luxury tile brand MML® to develop more cutting-edge and relevant offerings for its customers. The brand’s ability to embrace new technology has been crucial in its ability to meet consumer demands, placing the brand at the forefront of both global trends and technology.
With a green legacy of over five decades, since its humble beginning MML® had already embraced an eco-compatible brand philosophy, which is part and parcel of the brand’s DNA today. Not only has the home-grown brand implemented a zero-waste policy across all its processes and materials, but it also launched Malaysia’s first green tile in 2012. Spurred by the passion to reduce carbon footprint, MML® is leading the way for the industry’s green movement in the region, as marked by the brand’s consecutive wins for the ‘Green Leadership Category’ at the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards in 2016 and 2017.
“Today, all products produced by the MML® Eco Plant are certified with the ‘Eco Label’ by SIRIM and ‘Green Label’ by the Singapore Environment Council,” said Ms. Sim Swee Hwan, General Manager – Marketing & OEM, Malaysian Mosaics Sdn. Bhd.
In 2015, the brand invested in the country’s first ultra-high definition digital technology for tiles, opening up endless possibilities in creating innovative tile designs and surfaces. With customisation being a big trend in interior design, the MML® UHD Digital technology enables customers to create their own unique customised tile designs.
In the past, tiles have only served a functional purpose. Today, aesthetics play an equally important role in tile selection. With the ability to convey unique designs, textures and aesthetic nuances, tiles have become a creative way for individuals to express their design style and flair.
Encouraging consumers to explore their imagination in design, the brand has set up an innovative showroom known as the MML® Hub, which is a space dedicated to interior designers, architects and consumers who are seeking design inspiration.
“MML® Hub is a place of inspiration for all, like a colour palette that you can play with. Upon entering the hub, consumers are taken on a journey. Each space has been defined in a specific manner to cater to one’s selection and design process, whether functional or creative. It’s important for everyone who walks into the MML® Hub to go on a sensory journey (in the design process), otherwise they will feel as though they are just walking through another ‘mom and pop’ tile shop,” explained Ms. Sim.
For its next phase, MML® Hub is expected to be transformed into an interactive space for consumers with the aid of digital technology. 
“While consumers tend to equip themselves with the latest technology, tiles still remain a material that very much relies on touch, feel and sight. So ultimately, it’s about finding a way to marry these two elements together,” she said.
Aspiring to continuously inspire quality living that combines beauty and functionality, the luxury tile brand has certainly demonstrated that there is no limit to the usage of tiles in design. And with the powerful combination of digital technology, there is simply no saying what the future holds for luxury tiles.
Visit the MML® Hub today at 1A, Jalan 205, Off Jalan Tandang, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.