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MML® RESTYLE offers a variety of professional tile resizing services to enable you to create decorative floor and wall designs with ease. If you’re bored with the typical one size tile layout in your spaces, then it’s time to restyle your standard tiles to add some design feature to your interiors.

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MML® Mixology

MML® MIXOLOGY services offer a match and select tile sample chip booth to make it easy for you to play with colours and textures to find the best tile design combination for your projects. You can also take home your selected tile sample chips for reference purposes. Our MIXOLOGY booths are located at MML® Showroom in Petaling Jaya and major MML® dealer showrooms throughout Malaysia.

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MML® Tile + Installation

MML® TILE + INSTALLATION service takes care of your tiling needs. Currently available at MML® Showroom in Petaling Jaya for home renovation projects in Klang Valley, Malaysia, this service comes with:

  • Free consultation
  • A tile plan
  • Supply of tiles
  • Professional tile installation services
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